NewMedd diagnostic is a free-standing, full-service diagnostic imaging facility servicing patients. We offer the latest in technology and unsurpassed quality and service, while providing diagnostic imaging services in an all-digital center. In addition, we provide these services in a beautiful, comfortable, soothing environment that is both conveniently located and easily accessible.

  • PET/CT
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Thyroid Radioiodine Treatment
  • Cardiac SPECT

We are equipped with latest “GE Discovery IQe 16 slice PETCT” scanner with “light burst detectors” and “Q Clear technology”, to produce images with unmatched and consistent signal to noise ratio and quantitation of metabolic activity for best possible patient outcomes, at the same time also making it possible to reduce the radiation dose to the patients as reasonable as achievable. We also have a dual head gamma camera with SPECT capabilities and latest quantitation and fusion softwares for better localization and interpretation.

Our Services

  • PETCT Scan

    In one continuous full-body scan (usually about 30 minutes), PET captures images of miniscule changes in the body’s metabolism caused by the growth of abnormal cells.

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  • Nuclear Medicine

    NM is a specialized form of medical imaging where small amount of radioactive isotopes are attached to molecules or chemicals which then form “Radiopharmaceuticals”.

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    Myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) is a non-invasive procedure used to test for significant coronary artery disease (CAD).

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  • Radionuclide Therapy

    Many radioisotopes, radio labelled conjugates are available for treatment of difficult medical conditions; Some of them are the treatment of choice for the given conditions.

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  • Multi Slice CT

    CT Scan or computed tomography is a painless and a non-invasive medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions.

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